Thursday, February 3, 2011


Welcome back, faithful readers.

I have to do some "housekeeping" before I regale you with the tale of the Roman custard.

It has been suggested by those with more experience than myself in such things that my blog posts are too long and too infrequent (hey, it takes me a long time to write these verbose things, especially considering my free time is often limited to 15 minutes a day, which I choose to use to improve my personal odor by SHOWERING). But I digress. As usual.

Would you prefer to see these recaps broken up into smaller, more frequent posts? Maybe every other day, with the final post being my recipe for the experiment?

Suggestions welcome in the comments.

Thank you!


  1. Yes!! smaller juicy tidbits! I'm dying for part Tres of the Apicius dish!

  2. I like longer posts, personally. But if the choice is between smaller, more frequent posts and longer, less frequent posts, I would pick smaller and more frequent. :) That said, I read something recently that long posts on blogs are pretty popular -- people are sick of short messages a la Twitter that don't say anything. I would give you the link but I forget where I found it.

  3. The asparagus pounding was a nice length, and I liked the way you focused on one ingredient. That might be a nice setup: short post on "next recipe", short posts on the interesting ingredients, slightly longer post on how it all goes together and how it turned out?

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